BCA Open 9-Ball Championship Day 4

As day five dawns as the BCA Open 9-Ball Championships, both fields of 64 hopefuls have been narrowed to 20 players each.

In the men's division, the winners side matches are Johnny Archer vs Chris Szuter and Marvin Manalo vs Thorsten Hohmann. Szuter continued his great tourney with an 11-7 win over Andreas Roschkowsky on Wednesday while Archer sent Sandot Tot to the one loss side 11-9.

Players still alive on the one-loss side include Mika Immonen, Danny Basavich, Marcus Chamat, Ralf Souquet, Tony Robles and Thomas Engert.

The women's division winners side matches will be Allison Fisher vs Tiffany Nelson and Ewa Laurance and Karen Corr. Nelson is having another great tournament and scored a 9-6 win over Jeanette Lee on Wednesday.

Players still playing on the one loss side include Sarah Rousey, Ga Young Kim, Jasmin Ouschan, Sarah Ellerby, Melissa Little, Wendy Jans, Angel Paglia, Gerda Hofstatter, Monica Webb and Jeanette Lee. Rousey kept her tournament chances alive Wednesday night with a hill-hill win over Melissa Herndon; her first ever victory over Herndon.

Complete brackets for both divisions are available on the WPBA website at www.wpba.com