BCA Ranking List Updated

Despite his 5th place finish in Vegas, Shane Van Boening still leads the rankings list

The BCA Ranking has been updated to include results from the recently completed Predator 10-Ball Championship. Due to this list representing the last 12 calendar months, the 2007 Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championship results have been removed from the list. The results from the upcoming Generationpool.com 9-Ball Championship will be added upon that event's completion.

The BCA Ranking System will be evolving to serve the professional players of America in the best manner possible. We have begun this process by including as many large events as possible with the only criteria for inclusion being that the tournament be capable of drawing a powerful field and that it not conflict with other major championships around the world. It is our desire to allow professional players the freedom they need to compete internationally.

Unfortunately, this requirement of not competing with international events will cause some hardship in 2008 and early 2009. Due to scheduling conflicts, the previously announced inclusion of the 2008 Reno Open as a ranking event must be rescinded. Conflicts are also the reason that the Winter 2009 Turning Stone event and the 2008 Seminole Tour Finale cannot be included.

It is our hope that major tournament promoters will work with the BCA in scheduling their events in 2009 and beyond in such a manner that they may be included as ranking events.

The complete BCA Rankings List is available online here.