BCA Rankings Information for 2009

The Men's BCA Ranking System will undergo a few changes for 2009 in order to make it more reflective of today's tournament situation in America. First, here is a list of the events that have qualified thus far to be included in the rankings:

1) Turning Stone: February 19-22. Contact is Mike Zuglan @ 518-356-7163 or via email: mike@joss9balltour.com

2) The Players Championship at Valley Forge: March 19-22. Contact is Allen Hopkins @ 609-652-6116. Also see website: www.superbilliardsexpo.com/pro.html

3) Turning Stone: August 20-23. Contact is Mike Zuglan @ 518-356-7163 or via email: mike@joss9balltour.com

4) The US Open: October 19-25. Contact is Barry Behrman @ 757-49908900 or via email: info@usopen9ballchampionships.com

5) The Reno Open: December 7-13. Contact is Tony Annigoni @ 831-277-0216 or via email: tony@usppa.com

The changes for 2009 are as follows:

First, the calendar will now be extended from 12 months to 18 months in order to have a longer playing history on each player.

Second, each player will drop the worst finish from his ranking. That is, in the current calendar we will not begin 'dropping' events until the US Open of 2009, at which time the 2008 Players Championship will be the first to drop from the ranking calendar. Each player will have one of these events 'dropped'  from his ranking total prior to the first invitational event of 2009. In this way a player who is forced to miss an event can drop that event from his total and not be punished in the rankings for missing a single event. If a player attends all of the events he will enjoy the luxury of 'dropping' the event at which he garnered the fewest points.

Second, due to a change in the rules of the WPA (World Pool Association), all professional players must belong to their continental federation in order to be included in WPA rankings and to be eligible for invitation to international and national invitational events such as WPA World Championships. There will be a $25 yearly membership fee to be a Player/Member of the BCA. This can be paid by the player organizations out of players dues or may be paid individually by the players. These dues are to be paid by March 30 of each year or prior to the player participating in a ranking event. Details on how to pay will be provided by the BCA shortly.

Questions may be addressed to Jerry Forsyth at jerry@azbilliards.com or during normal working hours at 706-413-1405.