BCA Statement Regarding WPA Player Licenses

To North American Professional Pool Players,
In regards to WPA Player Licenses, the intent of the WPA, and its General Assembly, including the Billiard Congress of America, is to protect organizers and players alike, who support professional hosted events and a player and promoter code of ethics. All members (worldwide) of the WPA General Assembly worked together to develop a WPA Player License for this purpose.
To our knowledge, since its inception the WPA Player License has been implemented void of negative player consequences. Many top American players have already completed the WPA Player License. Additionally, if at any time, a player finds the license too restrictive or if he/she feels they are being unfairly treated they may cancel their WPA Player License effective immediately.
With that said, it has become clear this week that there are many North American players unaware of the WPA Player License.
Given this situation, the Billiard Congress of America will pay the 2016 annual $15 WPA Player License fee for all North American players competing in the 2016 US Open. The Association will also remit $15 to any North American player who has previously completed the WPA Player License process.
For those competing in the 2016 US Open, please complete the Player License Form and provide the requested passport size headshot photo to the WPA at events@wpapool.com prior to the US Open. The BCA will then remit the $15 to the WPA on behalf of all North American players in the 2016 US Open who complete the process.
If you have purchased a WPA Player License and wish a $15 refund, please click here.
If you have submitted your paperwork for the WPA Player License and want the BCA to cover the $15, please click here.
To learn more about the intent of the WPA Player License, an interview on the subject with WPA President Ian Anderson will be available on American Billiard Radio very soon.