BCAPL Singles Wind Down

Jeanette Lee sharking Jake from Pool Tees at the BEF Fundraiser

There are over 7,000 pool players who are participating in all of the action here in Vegas along with a number of spectators and friends who have come to cheer on their favorite player, team or professional.

The BCAPL (BCA Pool League) has been coming to the Riviera Hotel and Casino for an impressive 33 consecutive years.

The BCAPL has continued to innovate as they have rolled out a streamlined tournament chart system that has been very well received throughout the players that are participating.

They have innovated with their online presence as well as the off-line details like creating a pit with 10 tables with bleachers overlooking all the action.

One of the coolest things about this event is that for the first time Pro's were allowed to play in the event in the Grand Masters event. It was awesome to see  world class players like Shane Van Boening, Daryl Peach and Roberto Gomez playing on the Bar boxes among the amateurs. The overall feedback was highly positive, and we can all look to see more players next year.

Yesterday there was a challenge the stars event to raise money for the BEF (Billiard Education Foundation)

Several pro's who were in attendance were... Adam Smith, Jeanette Lee, Sarah Rousey and Melissa Herndon.

The BEF allowed fans to challenge the stars in an exhibition game for a small contribution that benefits the charity. The BEF also raffled off some really great gifts and equipment. This event was a lot of fun and the pro's who were all helping out were having a great time and not taking the game too seriously.

It was really cool to see "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee using her sex appeal to shark her challengers, and it was clear that she took a night off from being the predator that she is on the table for a great cause.

While the pro's had to adjust from a 7ft stroke to a 9ft stroke when preparing for the International 10 Ball Championships, many amateurs are beginning to catch a gear on the 7 footers and the play is nothing short of impressive.

The Predator International 10 Ball Championships is entering it's 3rd day of competition and many of the amateurs who are knocked out are visiting the event to see their favorite pros. You can visit www.predator10ball.com for live scoring of the event and more insight.

There are huge crowds around every big table game and last night there was an electricity in the arena that I have not seen in recent years.

While the economy may be affecting people across the world, it seems that when players come to Vegas they leave the problems of the world behind and allow themselves to fully enjoy the entire experience.

Today was a super busy day here at the riviera with Open Womens and Mens teams beginning play today. You couldn't find a table at Kady's restaurant and the spectators seem to be two rows deep.

Here is a the update of all of the BCAPL Events...


-Mixed Open Team $11,700

-Women's Open Team $4,500

Begin tomorrow May 14th at 9am.

Mixed Master Team will be playing for a top prize of  $6,000

Women's Master Team will be playing for a top prize of $5,000

Mixed Trophy Team

Women's Trophy Team

9 Ball Challenge:

Canadian top pro Tyler Edey took top honors over Mitch Ellerman in a gritty "Hill-Hill" set. Sammy Cordova took 3rd place. Tyler won $3,500 along with the title. It is notable to mention that Tyler won this event last year as well and came in second two years ago. Tyler unfortunately could not continue his hot play when making the jump to the big tables for the Predator International 10 Ball Championships.

Super Seniors:

Jim Henry goes straight through the Winners side

Dago Huber came in Second. Robert Riley took third. Jim won $3,200 for first.

Mens Senior Singles:

Doc Rice comes back from the "One Loss Side" to beat Edward Borrego 2x for the win. Robert Herchik earned a respectable 3rd place finish. Doc won $4,700 for 1st.

Mens Open:

Bruno Sousa came back from the "One Loss Side" to defeat Mike Boyd 2x in the finals. Gus Correa Rodriquez placed 3rd. Bruno Sousa won $10,000 for 1st.

Mens Master Singles:

Danny Petralba went straight through the winners bracket defeating Vince Chambers in a high pressure "Hill-Hill" match in the finals. Vince would have to have beaten Danny again in the second set, but was poised to have that second set playoff before he scratched in the side pocket while trying to play position for his  next stripe ball.  Danny made quick work of the remaining balls to take down the significant top prize of $5,500 Bobby Benavides Sr earned a third place finish.

Mens Grand Masters:

Simon Pickering must qualify as the clutch grinder so far in Vegas as he goes "Hill-Hill" in every match except vs his 6-3 win over Sal Butera to defeat Shanve Van Boening in the Finals for a $3,400pay day.

Mens Player Member

David Broxson went through the tournament undefeated to beat Francis Crevier who bounced back from an earlier loss to David Broxson before losing again in the Finals by the score of 6-3. Junior phenom Brendan Crockett was impressive in earning a 3rd place victory. David earned $5,000 along with the title.

Womens Open Singles:

Cristina Dela Garza was dominant in running through the field as she continued to roll through the field with a 9-0 victory in the finals over Helen Hayes. Angie Killips placed 3rd in this event. Cristina took home a $6,000 prize along the satisfaction of having dominated the tournament.

Women's Senior Singles:

Sharon Rousseau performed a notch above the rest as she rolled through the field in complete control. Sharon defeated Pamela Fletcher in the finals, with Colleen K Shoop coming in a respectable third place. Sharon took down a top prize of $2,300

Womens Masters Singles:

Mary Rakin clutched out a gritty "Hill-Hill" victory over Tina Pawlowski to earn honors of the title of Women's Master Champion. Gina Kim Lipsky also had a great tournament but came up shy at her chance at playing Mary in the finals by losing the Hot Seat match 7-6. Mary earned $4,400 in the victory.

Womens Masters Singles:

Korean sensation Yu Ram Cha continues to make a statement in the US as she earns top honors in a stacked event. The field was littered with WPBA pro's and Womens Champions, but Yu Ram defeated several marquee players en-route to the victory. Yu Ram came back from losing her second round to Allison Fisher before defeating... Kim White, Kristi Carter, Kelly Fisher, Kim Shaw, Allison Fisher and Melissa Little before defeating Julia Gabriel 7-4 in the finals.

Melissa Little played gritty throughout the event before settling on a third place finish. Yu Ram Cha earned $2,500 along with the Title.

Womens Player Member Singles:

Buffy Jolie went through the field defeating Patty West in the finals. Patty defeated Rhonda Moses in the hot seat match, leaving Rhonda to settle on a 3rd place finish. Buffy earned $1,700 for the win.

Open Scotch Doubles:

Brisbon/Fital were the last team standing in the Open Scotch Doubles event. Brisbon/Fital went through the field undefeated by beating L. Wilson/A.Wilson in the finals. James/Breckel finished 3rd in the event. Brisbon/Fital earned $4,100 for top honors.

Masters Scotch Doubles:

Mark Vidal and WPBA Pro Liz Ford have been practicing on the bar table out  of Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn to prepare for the event. The dynamic duo went through the field undefeated in dominant fashion. Vidal/Ford defeated Tam/Casper in the finals of the event. Tam/Casper had earned a shot at the hot seat match as the Runnels/Latzko team gave them a "Hill-Hill" pass as Latzko missed a medium tough cut shot on their final ball with the 8 ball hanging in the pocket. Davis Sr/Puford Lloyd earned 3rd place in the event. Mark Vidal and Liz Ford earned $3,100  along with the Title.

The Second Chance Women's Singles is underway, and the mens event is on deck.

Stay tuned for continued coverage from NYCgrind.com

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