BCAPL / USAPL Players Take Center Stage at the Antique Billiard Museum in Colorado

Men's Singles Winner Ruben Silva


CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (November 20, 2012) - The 2012 BCAPL / USAPL Colorado State Championships was held November 9-11 at the Antique Billiard Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The $2,000 added inaugural event was comprised of Scotch Doubles, Men's Singles and Women's Singles divisions. All three divisions were handicapped based on the BCAPL national player ratings: Open, Advanced, Master and Grand Master.

CueSports International would like to thank Jim Barber and his staff at the Antique Billiard Museum for their hospitality to tournament directors Bill Stock, Mark Griffin and all of the players. We all had a great time. Jim and staff bent over backwards to accommodate all of our needs. CueSports International plans to hold two events per year at the Antique Billiard Museum. 

The Scotch Doubles event kicked off Friday evening with $500 added. Twelve teams vied for the $450 first place prize. Ruben Silva and Shannon Shoemake of Colorado Springs took home the nice bonus for their excellent play in the finals defeating John Sandifer and Debbi Worcester of Thornton, Colorado.

The singles divisions started Saturday and finished on Sunday. The Men's Singles division had a total purse of $2,800 and the Women's Singles division a total purse of $1000.

In the men's group, 36 players focused their efforts to pocket the tidy $1,000 first place prize. The last man standing was Ruben Silva of Colorado Springs, pocketing the $1000 prize, with John Sandifer of Thornton, Colorado receiving $600 for second place. In the Women's Singles, Delsa Brown of Florissant, Colorado prevailed as the top woman shooter of the weekend, taking home an additional $450 first place for her efforts, with Terry Duncan of Englewood, Colorado receiving $250 for second place.

Full Results and Payouts:

Scotch Doubles

1st: Ruben Silva, Colorado Springs, CO/Shannon Shoemake, Colorado Springs, CO  $450
2nd: John Sandifer, Thornton, CO/Debbi Worcester, Thornton, CO  $250
3rd: John Baylor, Colorado Springs, CO/Delsa Brown, Florissant, CO  $160
4th: Mark Morgan, Denver, CO/Aimee Peterson, Aurora, CO  $80
5-6th: Mike Thompson, Colorado Springs, CO/Laura Walnofer, Colorado Springs, CO  $40
5-6th: Woody Quezada, Longmont, CO/Tonya Haselbush, Longmont, CO  $40

Men's Singles

1st : Ruben Silva, Colorado Springs, CO  $1000
2nd: John Sandifer, Thornton, CO  $600
3rd: Frank Urbaniak, Colorado Springs, CO  $400
4th: Ben Merton, Boulder, CO  $200
5-6th: Jim Calderon, Pueblo, CO  $125
5-6th: Doug James, Lakewood, CO  $125
7-8th: Wayne Arde, Simia, CO  $75
7-8th: Marc Vidal, Aurora, CO  $75
9-12th: Cecil Monge, Colorado Springs, CO  $50
9-12th: Mark Morgan, Denver, CO  $50
9-12th: Joe Ross, Colorado Springs, CO  $50
9-12th: Mike Willeford, Aurora, CO  $50 

Women's Singles

1st : Delsa Brown, Florissant, CO  $450
2nd: Terry Duncan, Englewood, CO  $250
3rd: Carol James, Lakewood, CO  $150
4th: Shannon Shoemake, Colorado Springs, CO  $70
5-6th: Darlene Kyle, Colorado Springs, CO  $40
5-6th: Debbi Worcester, Thornton, CO  $40

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