Becue Billiards and Ashley Burrows Collaboration Continues

Ashley Burrows

The collaboration between Becue and Ashley Burrows continues. She has recently renewed her contract for next season.

“We are really happy to have Ashley on our team. She is an extraordinary player who puts the utmost commitment and passion into this sport.”

Ashley, who became a pro player in 2018, has shown that she can always aspire to important goals, achieving excellent results in the most prestigious tournaments. The recent participation in the World women’s 10-ball Championship in Klagenfurt in Austria in September allowed us to spend some time with her here in Italy, at our company in Pordenone, just a couple of hours drive from where the tournament took place.

It was an opportunity to take stock of our collaboration, find ways to improve together, test new products soon to be released and plan the future. The opinion of our players and of those who use our products, in fact, is of vital importance for us because through their feedback we can create performing products that adapt to every need and type of game. Becue has always started from here: from the players, who remain and will remain the center and the basis for continuing to innovate through our products.

“There are so many factors that can influence what kind of performance you will have on any given day. Knowing that I have some of the best equipment out there gives me one less thing to worry about. Everything I play with is made with care and dedication by people who love this game as much as I do. And I think that shows in the quality and craftsmanship of all of the products Becue makes. From the feel and feedback I get in my carbon shafts, the impeccable balance in the break cue, and the effortless accuracy with the jump cue, the tools I have in my bag are, in my opinion, second to none. With all of the other choices there are out there, all of the other huge companies that exist in this sport, I am glad to be part of this passionate and caring family.”

The collaboration between Becue and Ashley Burrows is destined to last over time, thanks to the mutual commitment and passion for this beautiful sport.

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