Behrman Answers US Open Questions

Barry Behrman took some time on Thursday to respond to some of the comments regarding his recent US Open announcement... 


From Mr. Behrman: "Thank you all for your replies and concerns on this years U.S. Open. I have read every post thus far so allow me to explain.


First of all, the most important factor is to have the entire event in one room only.  And now, by having 9 tables in the main ball room with the same set up with less tables on each side, 4 tables each side, and almost a mirror image of the conference center, viewing for our VIP seats and general admissions will be grand for all.


Also with 128 players max, this will allow us to run the event beginning Monday morning instead of Sunday.


Match times Monday thru Friday will be 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. and  3 P.M. to 5 P.M. for day matches, and only two rounds of prime time matches at 8 P.M. and 10 P.M.  Isn’t that wonderful.  Either go to bed or to Q Masters a lot sooner.


My expenses back at the Marriot will be much less as compared to the past events, due to the electrical already being paid for, less staff and much more. This will still enable me to add $50,000.00 to the entry fees.


Having $1,000.00 entry fees while paying down to 48th place receiving double the entry at $2,000.00, will insure a field of top players and by leaving First Place at $25,000.00, that should be enough for our Champion as his endorsements will be worth much more.  


I am so certain the field will fill at 128 players, that I’m willing to put up $10,000.00 if anyone cares to take me up on that bet.


Again, we all want to be in one ballroom and now we can, in a room which is 60x120 instead of 100x200, and everyone will have fantastic seats.


Also by paying deep we will still get many very good players that may not be Superstars of today and by winning 2 matches on the winners side they win an automatic  $2,000.00.  The  payout increments really look evenly spread out and attractive.  


No one pays past 32 spots with 128 players except myself going to 33-48 at $2,000.00.


Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that all players were paid on time last year with all funds coming from the U.S. Open account, which we will use again. Sixty days out,  Suntrust Bank will set up an account along with myself.


I read every post and will continue to and I appreciate your advice as well as your good wishes.  Please give me more fuel and let’s have a great 39th U. S. Open!


VIP seat info and players entry fees will be available soon."