Beierle rings in the Tri-State New Year

Fred Beierle and John Stiles squared off twice, battling for the hot seat and then, in the finals of the first Tri-State stop of the new year, on Saturday, January 2, 2010. Beirle won both matches to take home the first place prize in the $500-added event, which drew 45 entrants to Castle Billiards in Edison, NJ.

From among the winners' side final four, Beierle had sent Cory Sohlman west 6-5, as Stiles was defeating Joe Varvaro 7-3. In the first of their two meetings, Beierle gained the hot seat with a 7-4 win.

Ra Hanna, embarked on a one-loss side march to the semifinals, was waiting for Sohlman, after victories over Raj Vannala 7-1 and John Trobiano 7-2. Jim DeGiasafatto, after 6-2 victories over both Latonia Taylor and Ken Debroskie was there for Joe Varvaro. Hanna got into the quarterfinals with a 6-2 win over Sohlman. Varvaro joined him with a 6-2 win over DeGiasafatto. Hanna moved got a second straight 6-2 win, dropping Varvaro into fourth place, and then fell 7-2 to Stiles in the semifinals.

In the extended race-to-9 finals, Stiles came within a single game of forcing that extension. The two battled back and forth to double hill, before Beierle completed his undefeated run, capturing the first place prize.