Bennett ends five-stop winning streak for Michael Fuller on Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour

Not since February had the Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour featured anyone in the finals but Michael Fuller and B.J. Ussery, with Fuller winning all five; twice, undefeated and the other three times, coming from the one-loss side. At a stop held on the weekend of June 11-12, Fuller never made it out of the quarterfinals, and though Ussery appeared in the hot seat match, he was stopped in the semifinals by the eventual winner, Keith Bennett. The $1,000-added event, hosted by Buck's Billiards in Raleigh, NC, had drawn 11 entrants, which, according to tour director Doug Ennis (in response to our continued reportage of low attendance figures on the tour) was a 266% increase in attendance over the last stop in May.

From among the winners' side final four (the event's second round of winners' side play), Bennett ran into Ussery, who sent him west 8-3 to get into the hot seat match against Stevie Moore. Moore had sent George Crawford to the one-loss side 8-5 (Crawford had prevailed in a double hill match over Fuller in the opening round of play). Moore, who had defeated Ussery in the finals of the tour two years ago, in what was his first appearance on the tour, gained the hot seat with an 8-5 victory and waited for what turned out to be Bennett's return and eventual victory.

Crawford moved over for an immediate rematch versus Fuller, who'd gotten by Robert Chamberlain and Eddie Klebs, both 8-1. Bennett picked up George Barrett, who'd been awarded a bye and then defeated Paul Peters 8-4. 8-1 and Eddie Klebs. Fuller chalked up a successful rematch versus Crawford and moved into the quarterfinals against Bennett, who'd crushed Barrett 8-1. Fuller didn't fare much better in an 8-2 quarterfinal loss that ended his bid for a sixth straight win on the tour.

Bennett, who had placed third in the tournament won by Moore two years ago, moved on for a second crack at Ussery in the semifinals. He defeated Ussery 8-4 and got his second chance against Moore in an extended race-to-11 final.

Moore and Bennett locked horns in a 21-game, double hill struggle that featured nine games won by a break and run. They battled back and forth to a 3-3 tie, before Bennett chalked up two break and runs to take a 5-3 lead. Moore took two right back, including a break and run that tied things at 5-5. They traded racks to a 7-7 tie, before Bennett won another two straight to go up 9-7. Moore used a 2-9 combination to pull within one and won a second to knot things at 9-9.

Moore reached the hill first with a break and run rack, but scratched on the subsequent break. Bennett took advantage and brought the weekend down to a single game. Bennett broke, sunk a ball, and continued play to the 4-ball, which he used in a carom to sink the 9-ball and conclude the match with its ninth break and run victory, and first place prize for Bennett.

Michael Fuller's father, Peaches Fuller, was the winner of the event raffle, and brought home a $500 Limited Edition Jacoby Custom Cue. Son, Michael's name was drawn for the break and run contest. He sunk a single ball and pocketed $37. The break and run jackpot for the tour's next stop stands at $576.