Beyond the Break

From the visionairies at comes the first live interactive pool show on the internet. Premiering Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 7:00 P.M. EST in conjunction with bring you "Beyond the Break", a revolutionary new pool show aimed at helping you the average player become better at your game while also informing you about industry news, opinions from the pros, and of course some interesting match play between guests.

Special thanks go to Diamond Billiards for providing two tables to the studio for the players to be able to demonstrate shots or play matches on either a full size regulation or a bar box table.

Subscribers will be able to blog in questions or comments to our in house professionals, IPT touring Pros Shawn Putnam, Aaron Czetli, Corey Deuel and their visiting celebrity Pros. A call in number will be provided during the show for viewers to use to call in to ask questions to the pros. Since it?s shown in real time your answers will be immediate.

$7.95 a month gives you a minimum of 2 hours of show where you can get firsthand advice from your favorite players. Guests will vary from show to show. The first show will feature Corey Deuel, Aaron Czetli, Shawn Putnam and Dee Adkins.

Remember February 11, 2006, log on and subscribe to "Beyond the Break". Your pool game will never be the same, and for only $7.95 a month you really can?t afford to miss it.

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