Big Names Out on Day 1 of Championship Cloth Pro Classic


New Iberia, Louisiana-  It was a tough day for the top seeds on Day 1 of the Championship Cloth 5th Annual Pro Classic. #5 ABP seed Rodney Morris, #3 seed Mike Davis, and Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant were all knocked out within 8 hours. The Dragon Promotions Pro Classic events are a pro 9-Ball and 10-Ball event during October 16th-20th, 2012. The events take place side by side to the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open all hosted by Emerald Billiards and produced by Dragon Promotions.

Rodney Morris seemed to get an easy draw against a local Louisiana player Jacob Pennison. But Jacob surprised the tour veteran and won 9-8. There was a small incident where Morris moved another ball, and mistakenly called a foul upon himself when it wasn't. That would have put Morris in the lead 8-7 instead of down. Morris went on to defeat Charlie Bryant 9-6 but then fell to Brandon Shuff 9-7.

Charlie Bryant, who has been away from the pro tour awhile, drew #9 seed Charlie Williams and lost 9-4. He then was unfortunate to have to play Morris so early on the one loss side. 

Mike Davis was the #3 seed, but lost to up and coming Adam Smith and was then knocked out by Filipino 2x World Champion Ronnie Alcano

The events are being streamed live on  and sponsored by Ozone Billiards and Predator Cues.

Fans can come live to watch at Emerald Billiards (337) 364-9922. 2511 West Old Spanish Trail  New Iberia, LA 70560