Big Tony’s Quest for US Open Glory

Big Tony's quest for US Open glory is an inspirational comedy web series staring Andrew Cleary as the ever lovable "Big Tony". Big Tony, an over eater/under thinker becomes inspired by the movie "Tin Cup" to win the US Open 9ball championship. Unbeknownst to Big Tony, he cannot play. On his push to train for the open, Big Tony runs into several big names in the pool world including, Sarah Rousey, Jason Klatt, Justin Collett, Mika Immonen, Caroline Pao, Jennifer Barretta, Tony Robles and more. All offering seemingly terrible advice, thought it all ends up helping Big Tony make a run at the open. Big Tony's quest is made possible thanks to SPOT Clothing (, The Action Report (, Sugartree Cues (, Seyberts Billiard Supply (, Amsterdam Billiards (, JB Cases (, Nyc Grind ( and Sterling Gaming (

You can check out the show at: