Bill McCollim and Adam Smith Win Pa State Championships


The Pa State One Pocket and 9 Ball Championships were held at Breaker’s Billiards and Lounge March 21 thru March 24, 2013.

Thirteen players competed in the One Pocket held Thursday and Friday with $100 entry fee and $500 added to the prize fund.  Bill McCollim and Adam Smith dominated their half of the bracket to meet for the hot seat. Bill won 3-2 sending Adam to the one loss side where he defeated George Bero to set up a rematch with Bill.  Adam won the match 3-2 to send it to a final match.  Bil won a tightly contested set 3-2 to take the title.

Payouts in the One Pocket:
Bill McCollim  $900 + $495 side pot
Adam Smith  $600 + $245 side pot
George Bero  $300
Total payout $1800 + $700 side pot

The 9 ball tournament played Saturday and Sunday had twenty-nine players with $2000 added money to the prize fund.  Adam Smith worked his way thru the top half of the bracket with wins over Jim Udischas, Pat Calvaresi, Rob Pole and Derek Pogirski while Mike Davis took care of the bottom half beating Bill McCollim, Ed Brooks, Abel Ferrer and Cory Young.  Adam won the match with Mike 7-6 to set up a match with Derek Pogirski to see who would face Adam in the finals.  Mike had control of the match from the start and beat Derek 7-3.  Adam then beat Mike in the finals 7-5 to take down the title.

Payouts in the 9 Ball
Adam Smith  $1720 + $750 side pot
Mike Davis  $1290 + $500 side pot
Derek Pogirski  $860 + $250 side pot
Cory Young  $430
Dan Madden  $300
Total payout  $4900 + $1500 side pot