Billiard Congress of America Revises Event Rankings System for 2014

The Billiard Congress of America is pleased to recognize the top three American Pool Players for 2013: Shane Van Boening, Mike Dechaine, and Jeremy Sossei. Van Boening finished 2013 with the #1 ranking for the second straight year and won the prestigious US Open 9-Ball Championships for a remarkable third time.  
"The Billiard Congress of America congratulates Shane, Mike and Jeremy for their accomplishments in 2013," said Billiard Congress of America Chairman Ivan Lee. "We look forward to watching these great American champions continue to develop as professional players and ambassadors of the sport."
At this time, the Billiard Congress of America announces the current 2014 BCA Points Events:
  • 16th Annual Derby City Classic Jan. 24-Feb. 1, 2014, $25,000 added
  • Turning Stone Classic XXII, Sept. 18-21, 2014, $25,000 added
To account for having fewer BCA Events scheduled on this year's calendar the Billiard Congress of America will adjust the BCA Points and Ranking system.  
In the past the BCA Points and Rankings have run on a 12-month rolling calendar. Traditionally, there have been a range of 5 to 8 events taking place within any 12-month period. This rolling calendar schedule was a fair sample size to select the top American players to be honored with invitations to compete in international WPA World Championships and events.  
The Billiard Congress of America wants to maintain the number of events counted at a level where the player's consistency can be demonstrated and feel that 8 events is a fair sample size to use.  
To accommodate this many events the Billiard Congress of America has revised the selection process to include the previous 8 BCA Points Events regardless if these events extend past the previous 12-month rolling calendar.