Black Widow Appears at Cancer Symposium; Scheduling More Appearances

Olympic Gold Medalist and 17 time National Champion Cross Country Skier Kikkan Randall, Business Executive and former WNBA President Donna Orender, Jeanette Lee and Olympic Medalist and National High Jump Champion Chaunte Lowe

Although still fighting cancer, The Black Widow Jeanette Lee was back out doing one of the things she does best, representing the world of professional pool to the world. Lee recently participated in a Title IX celebration and symposium on behalf of the Jimmy V Foundation, a prominent cancer charity. The topic was the courage of women in the face of the challenge of cancer. Jeanette gave a speech, performed a billiards demonstration,  attended the Wine Celebration Gala and participated in a round table symposium with other cancer warriors.

Lee’s participation in this event was a great sign of both her level of celebrity stature and as to how strong she is feeling after what has so far been a 20 month battle with ovarian cancer. Lee takes an ongoing, daily chemo treatment with Lynparza which appears to be working exceedingly well, considering that her cancer is “in as much remission as it can be”. Lee commented on how it felt to get back out representing the world of pool, “It was great fun and very fulfilling.  I very much want to use my battle with ovarian cancer to help others and the Napa gala and symposium did exactly that.  I drew strength from it myself.  The Jimmy V Foundation does great and very visible work and I value my association with them.”

Jeanette did all of this, including bi-coastal flying, and was able to handle it all physically without undue fatigue.  That has emboldened her and her management, to have her do more things.   In a measured way, very conscious of her condition and with an eye towards making sure she does not create any fatigue, Jeanette will be doing more things publicly.   She will be making appearances at upcoming events including the WPBA Sledgehammer Open in support of her late friend, Helena Thornfeldt and the BCA Hall of Fame induction in support of the enshrinement of her long-time friend and coach, Jerry Briesath.  She will also be making herself available for commercial outings and exhibitions on a limited basis.

“I am not ready or capable at this time to compete at the highest level but I still want to be out there with the players and billiards fans.  I simply feel good being around their energy,” commented Lee. Lee’s manager, Tom George, commented, “For Jeanette, being out in the public eye and interacting with her fans is very therapeutic.  We will be careful not to get her overly tired but will be selectively scheduling public and corporate appearances.  Her long-term health remains our guiding priority.”  Mr. George can be reached at

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