Black Widow Dishes Out her Expert Insight on Billiards

Expert Insight (EI) and Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow of Billiards, have just released an exciting new 2 volume instructional DVD set entitled “Black Widow Billiards with Jeanette Lee”.

In volume 1 of this 2 volume DVD set, Jeanette teaches the fundamentals from stance and grip to position play and break shots. Volume 2 covers more advanced topics such as jump shots, English, zone play and more! In each DVD, Jeanette's personal instruction is combined with multiple camera angles, helpful graphics, and excellent practice tips that give viewers the best possible tools for improving their game.

At the end of each DVD, Jeanette takes her cue out of the classroom and into the pool hall where she applies each lesson in the heat of battle against determined opponents. During these competitions, the viewer gets "inside the mind of the expert" by listening in on the Black Widow's thought process as she analyzes and executes each shot. Renowned "Pool School" Instructor and Black Widow mentor Jerry Briesath also provides expert commentary on these 8 ball and 9 ball matches. With a combined time of 170 minutes, this DVD set will take your pool game to the next level and beyond.

This new title marks the fifth subject in the Expert Insight library of instructional DVDs. Company founder and chairman, Phil Gordon, says “On set I was astounded by how well Jeanette Lee performed; her ability to teach may even surpass her skills at the table! Watching these DVDs is like getting personal lessons from a world-class instructor. The Black Widow is amazing.”