Black Widow Junior Camp Postponed

Jeanette Lee
To all billiard fans and supporters!
We have recently made the decision to postpone the Black Widow Junior Camp to next summer.  While it's unfortunate that we must delay the start of the Black Widow Foundation Juniors Camp, it's also all the more exciting as the extra time for planning will allow us to accomplish even more for the students and their parents and aid in parents' ability to plan more in advance for the camp. Supporting a junior player is often very time and resource intensive for families, and the foundation wants to do all it can to help both the families and the juniors
Allowing us to avoid scheduling conflicts with the international professional pool calendar will allow for a large team of coaches with more one-one instruction.  We are so grateful to Karen Corr, Nick Varner, Vivian Villareal, Johnny Archer, John Brumback, Mark Wilson and Jerry Briesath for committing to teaching this year and we hope to have you for next years’ camp.  Also a special thank you to Bass Pro Shops, Tamko, Wolf Organization, Poison Cues, APA, Diamond Billiards, Sterling Gaming, Family Leisure, Billiards Digest, AZBilliards as well as individuals like Jim Caponigro and Mike Connolly for their generous contributions and support that have committed to being a part of this effort!  I’m hopeful with more funding, we will be able to invite even more instructors and participants.  We will continue to fundraise for Black Widow Foundation. Gaining additional corporate sponsors will allow the foundation to provide scholarship to those players who would most benefit from the camp, but don't have the resources to attend.  If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact or go to our website,  Thank you. Jeanette Lee