Bob Richards Takes Three-Cushion Billiards Challenge Shot Contest at Drexeline Billiard Club

Bob Richards

The Drexeline Billiard Club in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, had eight enthusiastic players gather for our Three-Cushion Billiards Challenge Shot Contest on August 9, 2008. Unfortunately there was a big event at the Valley Forge Convention Center for the Million Dollar Shoot-out as well as a large A.P.A. event, together with multiple events and several mini tournaments in the works as we would have probably had many more participants - that did not stop us from having our event.

And thanks to the U.S.B.A. (United States Billiard Association), Paul Frankel (“Professor-Q-Ball”), Bruce Warner, Jim Shovak and David Levine, the prize fund was fattened a bit. We posted the rules and the eight different shots that would be used for our event two months before and this gave players the chance to get familiar with them. We started this event at 1 pm and it finished up at approx. 4:15 pm.

The players attempted each shot three times and one point was scored for each successful three-cushion carom. Also, they were able to score a quarter point for each straight rail made in between each three-cushion attempt. Maximum would be 1-1/4 point per attempt. Perfect score would be thirty points: twenty-four attempts at one point shots=24 points and 24 attempts at ¼ point shots=6 points. So the games began.

The players were laughing and were very cocky about how all the shots were easy to them now, since they had two months to practice them – a lot of trash talking. We have never seen so many people become so humble so fast. Just check out the scores and you will see what we are talking about.

They (the players) were so quiet after a few shots you could hear a pin drop. Not so easy when you're put on the line, and you don't get to shoot it four or five times in a row to dial in on it. You get your one chance per shot. This was no longer practice, this was the real thing. It really makes you appreciate the top players and their talent for the game. Everyone was talking and commenting on how great the top dogs really are, as just a few weeks ago some of these players went to Carom Café in New York to watch the Sang Lee 3-Cushion International Open tournament.

Half way through our shot contest we totaled up the scores to see where everyone stood, and they had a hard time digesting what the half time totals were. At that point, we found this guy ribbing that guy about how could such a fine 9-ball player score so little points, and how could such a good one-pocket player be in last place.

Anyway, the tournament wrapped up with less than a fifty percent average to the top points guy and our winner. All we can tell you is there is now some new found respect here at Drexeline Billiard Club. Looking forward to having another competition here with the help of the U.S.B.A. We would like to thank Paul Frankel and the U.S.B.A for making this possible and look forward to more events with them in the near future.

P.S. Even though the players were somewhat embarrassed with their performance, they all had a very good time and are barking to have it again as they feel they will score much better. “KEEP PRACTICING”.

Total Scores/Results:
1st Bob Richards 13-1/2 points, $100
2nd Lou Atrikous 13-1/4 points, $60
3rd Sean Farrell 12-1/2 points, $30
4th Angelo Anastasiadis 10 points, $15

For more information about the United States Billiard Association, visit their website at or to find out more about Drexeline Billiard Club call (610) 259-9144 or