Bobby Livrago Captures KBP Lucasi Amateur 9-Ball Tour Season Finale at Strokers

This weekend (November 24th and 25th) Strokers in Palm Harbor, Florida hosted the $1500 added KBP Lucasi Amateur 9-Ball Tour Season Finale. The mixed field of forty-three players included regional favorites such as Josh Lewis, Jason Richko, and WPBA professional player Tracie Hines.

However, the star of the weekend ended up being none other than Bobby Livrago. Livrago started out on Saturday with a bye and a win over Marc Neal 7-2. When he ran into John Tatum in the third round, he was sent to the one-loss side of the brackets with a final score of 7-4. Once on the one-loss side, Livrago had quite a long road ahead of him, but he was able to get past Trey Jankowski 7-4, then was provided the luxury of a forfeited match against Rich Schau. Later that evening, Livrago moved past Luther Blades 7-5 to cement his spot in the final eight that were to return on Sunday.

In the meantime, eventual second place finisher, Josh Lewis was making tracks of his own running over Alice Parnell 7-1, Walter Blacker 7-3, Trevor Heal 7-6, and then Luther Blades 7-5. In addition to Livrago and Lewis, a total of six other players remained in the tournament at the end of day one – Jesse Langston, Tony Dickens, and John Tatum were undefeated, with Dan Whitten, Tony Vicari, and Tracie Hines on the one-loss side.

Upon returning Sunday, Josh Lewis went on to defeat Tracie Hines 9-2 and ultimately John Tatum 9-2 for the hot seat. While it appeared as though Livrago was speeding ahead on the one-loss side straight on a collision course with Lewis in the finals. Livrago succeeded in overcoming Jesse Langston 9-6, Tony Dickens 9-4, the only remaining female competitor Tracie Hines 9-6 in the quarterfinals and John Tatum in the semi-finals. This ensured his spot at the final table against Josh Lewis.

The final round ended with a single race to eleven between undefeated Josh Lewis and one-loss side victor Bobby Livrago. Although the set was quite close, it concluded with Livrago coming out on top of Lewis 11-8.

For additional information on the tour, please check out their website at A quick note for those interested in playing on the tour during the 2008 season – nine ball will be the game of choice.