Bolling and Crosby bring down the Capital

Zingales Billiards Tallahassee Florida was the latest venue to host the Poison tour. This is the first time the tour has visited the Capital and it didn't disappoint with 64 players showing up over the two days.

38 players would show up for Saturdays $1000 added event. The strong contingent of local players would prove to be tough to beat and one player Aaron Bolling would just be too strong for all on the weekend, Making his way through to the hotseat with wins over Paul Harris 7-6, Chad Royal 7-6, Bryan Barfield 7-3 and then Ron Vandiver 7-3 to reach the hotseat. Kris Pitts was another player make a name for himself on the day with strong wins over Jim Zingale 7-3, Lee Scott 7-4, Arthur Huynh 7-6 and then Bryan Spriggs 7-5 to reach the hot seat where his run would come to an end with Bolling capturing the hot seat with a 7-3 win.

On the one loss Side Denny Singletary was grinding his way back with hard fought wins over Ron Vandiver 5-4, Bryan Spriggs 5-3 and then another tight 5-4 win over Kriss Pitts to reach the final.

Bolling would once again prove to be to strong and would go on to take his first Poison tour title with a 7-4 win over Singletary.

Sundays  $1000 Added open event would attract 28 player and for the 2nd day in a row the local players would come out strong. Keith Brinton, house Pro at Zingale Billiards would put home court to use as he put players to the sword with strong wins over Kyle Nolan 7-3, Howie Gordon 7-6 then a very strong display of pool with a 7-4 win over US Open Champion Tommy Kennedy which he followed up with another strong win over road player Josh Roberts to reach the hot seat match. Tour Director Tony Crosby was also looking strong as he made his way to the finals with wins over Detroit Griffin 7-2, Chad royal 7-3, Tracie Majors 7-3 and then a hard fought win over Keith Brinton to capture the hot seat.

The one loss side would see some shocks with Amateur Champion Aaron Bolling eliminating Tommy Kennedy 6-5 he would then be stopped in his tracks as Tracie Majors would make short work of him with a 6-1 win, Majors would then go on to lose a heart breaker to Josh Roberts 6-5, Roberts would then also go onto lose another heart breaker 6-5 to Keith Brinton who would now find himself back in the final with Crosby with revenge on his mind. Crosby would prove to be to strong on the day as he went on to defeat Brinton 7-3 to take his win in the Capital.

The Poison Tour would like to thank Zingales Billiards and its staff for hosting the first of many great events to come from this room. If you are looking for a great place to play this would be in the top 5 pool rooms in the state.

The tours next stop will be the last weekend in July 30-31st at Veterans Billiards in Port Charlotte, Florida.

The Tour would like to thank Poison by Predator cues our title sponsors along with we look forward to seeing you at Veterans.

Amateur payout
1st Aaron Bolling $700
2nd Denny Singletary $400
3rd Kris Pitts $300
4th Bryan Spriggs $200
5th-6th Bryan Barfield, Ronvandiver $100
7th-8th Dave Ross, Howie Gordon $60
9th-12 Detroit Griffin, Cole Davis, Arthur Huynh, Keith Brinton $40

Open Payout
1st Tony Crosby $600
2nd Keith Brinton $400
3rd Josh Roberts $300
4th Tracie Majors $200
5th-6th Aaron Bolling, Chad Royal $100