Boni Eliminated Teammate Petroni From 8-Ball

Boni (L), Petroni (R)

Gianluca Boni (ITA) has just ousted his teammate "Fabulous" Fabio Petroni (ITA) from the 8-ball competition at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies in Tirana, Albania, with 7:6.


Actually, Petroni was the clear favored player in this match. He does have a history in international pool, including two silver and two bronze medals that go as far back as 1998 where he lost the final  in 9-ball to win the silver medal. Boni is more or less an uncharted territory in international pool. The expectations were set and the match was on. Boni managed to take first blood in the match but after that he was always trailing to Petroni. "Fabulous" even went on the hill with a comfortable 6:4 lead over Boni. But Boni hung in there and pulled two racks back from Petroni who seemed to play a bit careless at times. In the deciding 13th rack, Boni cleared all balls of his group but missed the 8-ball. Petroni even got ball in hand since Boni scratched on his attempt to pocket the 8-ball. Having seven open balls of his group in front of him, Petroni started pocketing but again, he seemed careless and negligent with his chance. He talked continuously and it looked like he felt he was already the winner. Worse came to worst for him when he played the 3rd last ball of his group and left it hanging over the pocket. He left a short and easy shot for Boni on the 8-ball who took that present and advanced with a 7:6 triumph over Petroni to the round of the last  eight players while Petroni is out and has to settle for 9th place in seniors 8-ball individuals.


Other remarkable results from today include Reiner Wirsbitzki (GER) defeating Antonio Neves (POR) 7:4. Sanne Azar (SWE) took down Henrique Correia (POR) 7:4 as well. Jan Keller (DEN) pipped Vegar Kristiansen (NOR) by a whisker with 7:6.


In the ladies division, Ulrika Andersson (SWE) one more time made her way through the winner’s side to the semi-finals, defeating Patricia Ignesti (ITA) 5:3. Also in the semi-final is Susanne Wessel (GER) who managed to get the better of her teammate Monika Jarecki (GER) 5:4.


The Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies will continue tomorrowmorning at 09:00 CET with the first matches of the 9-ball individuals.


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The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website, visit us on Facebook or check out our youtube channel for regular news clips or contact our press