Boyes: ‘I’m Desperate To Make Blackpool’

Two-time Mosconi Cup winner eager to play in hometown

Karl Boyes is desperate to earn a place on Team EUROPE for the 2014 Mosconi Cup after hearing the event will take place at the Tower Circus in his hometown of Blackpool.

Boyes was part of the 2013 European team who thrashed USA 11-2 at the Mirage in Las Vegas, his second successful appearance in pool’s biggest event.

The former World 8-ball champion is now looking ahead to the 2014 event, and says the Mosconi’s move to Blackpool makes him even more determined than ever to earn one of the five spots on Team Europe.

“When they announced the venue was Blackpool I had goosebumps,” he said. “If I can get in the team for the Blackpool Mosconi Cup it will be unbelievable. I am desperate to get into that team.

“I have been to the venue to watch snooker, I have been to take my daughter to the circus there and it is five minutes from my house, so I am desperate to get in that team.

“The venue is an oval shape with tiered seating and with all the fans screaming it will echo through the building. From a fans’ point of view and the noise, I think it is going to be frightening.

“Every year it is getting bigger and people want to come and watch it live, so there is a big goal to get in that team.

“Europe has a lot of great players, everybody will be desperate to get into the team. We gave Team USA a bit of a beating in their home nation last year and they will be desperate to put that right. They are going to go away and figure out what they can do to come back stronger so we will need to be on guard.

“To win 11-2, we might not repeat that – it is hard and it has been quite close the last few years. But as long as we get to 11 we aren’t really bothered about what they get to.”

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The 2014 Mosconi Cup will take place at Blackpool Tower Circus this December 1-4. Details of ticket pricing and availability will be announced shortly.