BPPPA President surprised and humbled by gift from players

The Wayne Holmes Cue Presented to Ted Bristow

A little surprise was planned by the players of the British Professional Pool Player's Association (BPPPA) for Ted Bristow, the President of the official American cue sports organisation in the UK, in gratitude and recognition of his tireless efforts promoting the U.S. style discipline on these shores.

Just as the President had finished presenting the BPPPA's "Rookie of the Year" award at the ‘Dynamic' Manchester Open, the shoe was placed firmly on the other foot, as he was surprised to find himself on the receiving end of an award.

Mr Bristow was the grateful recipient of a classically designed Wayne Holmes custom cue, commissioned especially for this purpose with a digitally laser etched solid ivory panel bearing the inscription: "Ted Bristow - bpppa.org - from The Gang".

Ted, who has long been an avid collector of cue art and already owns a number of highly collectible cues including Wayne Holmes custom cues, was delighted with the surprise gift, and after thanking everyone said, "This is truly absolutely magnificent, I'm lost for words. This is totally unexpected, thank you all so much."

Custom cue maker, Wayne Holmes, speaks regularly with Ted as they are great friends, and indeed, Mr Bristow will be taking a trip to North Carolina shortly to visit Wayne, but the master craftsman had to keep the presentation cue a secret during their many chats, and we'd all like to take this public opportunity to thank Mr Holmes for his splendid efforts.