Break and Run Billiards Has Launched.

Break and Run Billiards LLC owner Leonard Van Hirtum has announced the launch of it's new website,
Len is also planning to open a brick and mortar store out to Nashua, New Hampshire in August and will also feature over 4,500 billiard-related products on it's new website. Break and Run Billiards is featuring a “Learning Center” which will offer monthly articles to help it's customers improve their skill, interest and enthusiasm for the game. Len is intent on offering value toward building a strong foundation in terms of fundamental skills and advanced techniques through it's site.
Len very deeply believes that Break and Run Billiards' survival, growth and position in both the Internet and Brick and Mortar retail arena depends on the following:
• A highly diverse and extensive product mix offering
• A very competitive selling price strategy
• A very consistent and solid customer service philosophy
• Continued posturing of Break and Run business activity decisions which can only be formulated by on-going analysis of the competition and “dashboard” type analysis of our sales activities, conversion rates from “lookers, browsers, shoppers to buyers”  
• An on-going “refreshment” of the Break and Run Billiards web site; it must never get “stale,” boring, or lethargic
Len believes there many factors to consider if you want to sell things online including visibility, competition, credibility, and consistently high levels of customer service.
Len says:  “There are literally thousands of competitors on the Internet and we never thought the “Road ahead of us would be easy.”  We continually attempt to see the types of things our competitors are doing and make a continually make directions and determinations accordingly.”  Leonard is committed to setting Break and Run Billiards apart from the rest by aggressive  pricing and high quality customer service; he very deeply believes the Break and Run Billiards product pricing must always be competitive but fair. “If we are priced too high then we won't sell many products. Remember, it is easy for customers to compare prices online.”
Visibility is something that Leonard has always articulated as a major priority.  “A retail store requires visibility online as it would on the street in our local community;: Leonard's vision to work to make Break and Run Billiards visible to the world by through on-going efforts to complement the web site with the dynamics of on-going sales and marketing programs and growing products.  .
Leonard continued by saying: “Credibility doesn't come overnight but it can tremendously help Break and Run by driving large amounts of traffic to our site and improving our rank. Customers will rank or rate our credibility by the rank you have helped us to achieve and not by how long Break and Run Billiards LLC has been in business. Rank is one of the things that he and the Break and Run Billiards team will concentrate on improving.   Customer service is essential when you have an online company. We might have built a great web site and then if we simply “walk away and provide no way for customers to contact us and we are lethargic with our customer service then, we are “dead”.  An online retail shop needs to have plenty of content and that needs requires tremendous effort.  We need to continually contribute to Break and Run Billiards having the right functionality on our web site.