Brenda Heras Becomes the 1st Woman to Win on the Predator while Ginky Makes a Comeback Win in the Open/Pro Division

Pat Dibuono, Brenda Heras and Daniel Dagotdot

A field of 24 players came out to battle at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ on September 18-19th for the 15th stop of the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 2010 season. This event would feature both the Amateur 9-ball division and the Open-Pro 10-ball division.

Noteable players in the amateur field included Noel Bensurto, Victor Nau, Wali Mihammed, Daniel Dagodot, John Ortiz, and several strong female players. Neslihan Gurel, Borana Andoni, Diana Rojas, Pam Ogarek, Brenda Heras, and 2010 BCAPL Women's Open 8-ball Champion Gail Glazebrook.

The six strong aspiring pro female players clearly all wanted to make a statement.. and one of them would.  It would be Brenda Heras who would would deliver a breakthrough performance, by not only going farther than any other woman, but also any other man. On that weekend, Brenda earned the honor of becoming the first woman player to ever win a Predator Tour event.

Brenda's road to the finals included wins over Soner Bulut 7-2, Daniel Dagodot 7-2, and Noel Bensurto 7-4, before losing to Pat DiBuono 7-3. Brenda would grind back to the finals with a buzzworthy 7-2 win over the previous week's Predator Tour winner Daniel Dagotdot.

Pat Dibuono's undefeated run to the finals included wins over Ramilo Tanglau 7-4, Gail Glazebrook 7-1, Roger Hanas 7-6, and ultimately Brenda Heras in the hot seat match.

After rolling over Daniel Dagotdot in the semifinal, Brenda continued her momentum going into her rematch with Pat Dibuono in the finals. In the finals, Brenda's play was dominant, as she defeated Pat Dibuono 7-3. The win capped off an impressive tournament, and the achievement of being the first woman to win a Predator Tour event.

Brenda has had breakthrough potential for some time, and has been seasoning herself through both team and singles competition. Congratulations to Brenda Heras on this impressive win!

Final Results

1st: Brenda Heras $600
2nd: Pat Dibuono $400
3rd: Daniel Dagotdot $255
4th: Alberto Lopez $155
5th/6th: Roger Hanos, Noel Bensurto $100

The Open/Pro 10-ball event's notable players were Jeremy Sossei, George "Ginky" Sansouci, Matt Krah, Oscar Bonilla, and Tony Robles.

Ginky would bounce back from a first-round 8-2 loss to Jeremy Sossei to win the event. Ginky defeated Matt Krah 8-4, Neslihan Gurel 8-1, Jeremy Sossei 8-5 and Mustafa Dikilitas 8-5. In the finals "Ginky" would defeat Tony Robles hill-hill for the "W".

Final Results

1st: George "Ginky" Sansouci $500
2nd: Tony Robles $300
3rd: Mustafa Dikilitas $110