Breton Takes First WIn at Strokers

Alright, so it had long been a local joke that any man who wanted to try to play in heels, short skirt and lipstick could compete against the rest of the ladies on the BAAT (Bay Area Amateur Tour) Tour. Casey Merrill decided this would not be such a drag and showed up as 'Cassie", dressed to the nines in 6-inch heels, a skirt 10 inches above his knotted knees, a wig and lipstick. The heels and the hoots got to Cassie and 'she' lost her first match 4-0. After being denied access to the ladies room she then toddled to a victory in the second match. That would be it for Cassie. Unable to stay abreast of the field, she lost her third match 5-2 and retired to the bar where absolutely no one tried to pick her up.

That might have been all good fun, but there was also some serious pool being played at Strokers in Tampa. Wendy Breton had never finished in the money before and this was her birthday. She wanted to make it memorable and her cue was working that goal feverishly. She got off to a great start with wins over Barbara Ellis and Nicole WInters. Then the charts showed her going up against some very tough and seasoned talent. Ready for the challenge, Breton sent Michell Monk left (5-4) and then delivered a brutal message to Sabra Beahn 4-2. This put a lot of momentum and confidence in Breton's corner and she could see the glory field from here. Now she simply would not be denied. 

While Breton rested in the hot seat her would-be challengers had to sort out who would get the chance to shoot her down in the finals. Sabra MacArthur Beahn and Michell Monk both wanted a taste of sweet revenge. Monk began her quest with a win over Melissa Morlan. On the other tournament table Stephanie Mitchell ended the chances for Helene Caukin. That would bring Mitchell to the end of her road as she next bowed to Michell Monk (6-2). This brought us to the pivotal matchup between Beahn and Monk to determine who would get in the ring once again with Breton. This one went all the way to the hill and it was Beahn who grabbed the last rack and turned to see the formerly unheralded Breton waiting like the reaper on halloween.

Breton brought it on and laid Beahn low quickly with a very convincing 4-1 victory to hold her first winner's trophy at the birthday bash. Everyone at the BAAT and all of the players wish to thank Jose Delrio of Strokers, Tiger Products, Lucasi Cues and Sterling Gaming for all they did to make this stop on the BAAT Tour a success and a memorable birthday for our champion Wendy Breton.