Brian Bagwell Bags Inaugural GSBT Amateur Event at Breakroom Billiards

Shannon Daulton, Brian Bagwell, Breakroom Owner Steve Nash, and Greg Dix

This past weekend was the first time the Great Southern Billiard Tour held an amateur only stop.  As previously reported, these additional division events will be integrated into the schedule in an effort to encourage amateur players to come out and compete.  This weekend alone, the tour drew a field of fifty-three to its $2000 added inaugural event at Breakroom Billiards in Conway, South Carolina.

In front of a packed room, Saturday ended with the final sixteen to compete the following day.  On the winner's side, all of the matches started out with strong marks as noted – Larry Faulk d. Phillip Britt 8-6; Larry Jackson d. Jared McGee 8-4; Brian Bagwell d. Mike Staubes 8-7; and Danny Mastermaker d. Rocky Guell 8-7.

Ironically, the one-loss side began the day with lighter scores but consistent nonetheless:  Jason Heyward bested Jay Calhoun 8-5; Greg Dix moved past Peanut 8-4; Chris Carbaugh yielded to Jim Jennings 8-3; and J.R. Farias ended Jared McGee's day 8-5.

Faulk and Bagwell ended up in the hot-seat match after their wins over Larry Jackson and Danny Mastermaker.  In keeping with the theme of the day, both matches ended after hill-hill finishes, and then in turn the hot-seat was settled the same with Brian Bagwell holding tight for the victory 8-7.

As expected, the one-loss side could do nothing but heat up in competition as the day came to a close.  Heyward (d. Staubes 8-6); Dix (d. Guell 8-3); Britt (d. Jennings 8-4); and Fairas (d. McGee 8-5) took the next round to send their opponents home in 9th-12th place finishes.  The 7th/8th spots went to Heyward and Farias as Dix bested Heyward 8-5, and Britt finished closely against Farias 8-6.

In the next few rounds, Dix bested Jackson 8-6, in the quarters Britt 8-7, and Faulk in the semis rather handily 8-2 to find himself in the finals with Bagwell.  Dix was not about to make it easy for Bagwell in the true double elimination final and when it was all said and done, tried his hardest to stay in the game, but it just was not his weekend.  Dix took set one 8-6 and lost on the brutal hill 8-7.

We can't forget to send congrats to the Saturday night mini players.  A total of eight players through their names in the hat for the $100 entry, winner take all bar table entertainment.  Included in the race were Josh Roberts, Greg Dix, Mike Staubes, Jim Jennings, Joe Pierce II, Jason Heyward, Phillip Britt, and Jared McGee.  The dust cleared eventually and Josh Roberts came out the victor over Greg Dix in the end for the $800 prize.

The tour's next event will be another $1500 added amateur only event scheduled for Weekend's Pub in Goose Creek, South Carolina, on September 6 - 7, 2008.  Also, time is drawing closer for the Players 10Ball Championship to be held at King Street Billiards on November 18 - 23, 2008.  This event will host a $5,000 guaranteed added one-pocket event and a $20,000 guaranteed added ten-ball event.  If you haven't done so already, send in your entries of for more information, contact Shannon Daulton directly at (865) 850-4572 or email