Briseno Doubles Dips Huth For First Diamond Tour Win

Gus Briseno (Photo courtesy of Rick Schmitz)
The Diamond Pool Tour’s second event of the season crowned a new champion, Gus Briseno, on May 14th - 15th. The event was 9-ball on the 7’ tables at Stingers. Briseno successfully came back from the one loss side to double dip Bret Huth in the finals. 
The “A” division drew 26 players, and at first glance, the brackets looked to be set up for a Bobby Emmons/Mitch Ellerman hot-seat battle. The other 24 players had something to say about that though, and neither player made it to the hot-seat match. Ellerman fell to Bret Huth in a hill-hill second round match, while Emmons would only make it to the final four before falling to Briseno hill-hill. The “A” bracket hot-seat match came down to Huth vs Briseno, with Huth scoring the hill-hill win. On the one loss side, Briseno bounced back with a 7-4 win over Emmons to earn his place on the final bracket. 
The “B” division drew 39 players, including tour newcomer Kurt Siebels. Siebels cut a path through the “B” bracket, with notable wins over Joe Chyzy, Brian Long and Michael Dale on his way to the hot-seat match, where he dispatched another tour newcomer, Tenadore Lee, 7-4. Tenadore would spend a short time on the left side of the board, as he eliminated Tucson’s Tonee Allin 7-4 to earn his place on the final board. Special note should be made of the performance from two former Junior players in this event. Both Michael Dale and Nick Kline are now too old to take advantage of the tour’s policy of allowing juniors to play for free, but that didn’t stop either of them from turning in great performances. Dale finished in 4th on the “B” bracket (7th overall) and Kline finished in 7th on the “B” bracket, 13th overall. 
When the two brackets came together, Kurt Siebels came within one game of securing the hot-seat as a “B” player. Siebels fought to hill-hill before Huth was able to win the match 7-6. On the one loss side, Briseno had a slightly easier match as he defeated Lee 7-4. After seeing how close the Siebels/Huth match was, Briseno took no chances and beat Siebels 7-2 to earn his place in the finals against Huth. The first set of the finals saw Briseno score a 7-4 victory, which seemed to take the wind out of Huth’s sails, as Briseno then went on to score a 7-1 victory for his first Diamond Pool Tour victory.
As always, tour organizers gave their thanks to Dale and his staff for taking care of a room of pool players, Rick Schmitz for the best photos that any tour gets to enjoy, and “Fast” Lenny Marshall for tirelessly streaming another great two day event. 
The Diamond Pool Tour will travel to Tucson for stop 3 on June 18th, where the players will be playing 10-ball on the 9’ tables at Pockets Billiards.
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