British 9 Ball Open Championship 13th-19th February, 2006

British 9 Ball Open Championship 13th-19th February, 2006

World Pool Management is pleased to confirm and announce that the 1st British 9 Ball Open Championship is scheduled to commence on 13th February 2006 in Manchester, England.

The 7 day tournament will make history as it will be the largest 9 Ball event ever held in the UK and with a huge payout the best players worldwide will converge on this beautiful city in their attempt for the coveted title and the massive US$100,000 first prize. The total guaranteed prize fund will be US$265,000 and the event will be sanctioned by the British Professional PoolPlayers Association (BPPPA), the World Pool - Billiard Association (WPA) and the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) as the Continental Federation Member of the WPA.

The tournament format will have all the ingredients to please all participants and the final stages will be televised and recorded for worldwide distribution.

1st US$100,000
2nd US$35,000
3rd/4th US$15,000
5th/8th US$7,000
9th/16th US$3,000
17th/32nd US$2,000
33rd/48th US$1,000

This will be an open 256 field tournament.

However, and this should be clearly understood by all those wishing to participate because of the high volume of players wishing to compete in such a prestigious tournament, there will be several separate entry application procedures and dates for these will be announced shortly.

1. A number of "priority invite applications" will be determined by the organisers and these will be offered to all the continental federations of the WPA which should include the highest ranking players from countries within their continent.

2. Spots will be available through qualifying events and dates will be announced shortly.

3. Organisers wild card entries.

4. Shortfall open spots. (Although spots in this category may be unlikely, a waiting list will be created)

Entry fee: US$500 All participants will be required to pay their entry fee - no free rides!

Late fee: after January 15th, 2006 : US$550

There has been over the past few years many debates in relation to tournament formats (e.g. group stages, double elimination and single elimination) and we believe that we have found the right formula to please all players which includes all aspects of those formats previously used in other major tournaments.

8 Groups of 32 will play double elimination (race to 10 on both sides)

In each group 4 players (2 from the winner's side and 2 from the one-loss side) will then qualify for the Last 32 single elimination finals stage.

Losing finalists on the one-loss side fall into the 33-48 bracket and still pick up US$1,000.00

The event will be fully time scheduled and the tournament will operate as follows:

Sunday - Arrival day with registration (12.00 hours to 18.00 hours at the venue) followed by evening players meeting with complimentary buffet and refreshments (20.00 hours - hotel)

Monday - Friday : Double elimination stage (Race to 10 on both sides)

Saturday - Sunday : Single elimination Last 32 (Race to 11)

Last 16 (i.e. 15 matches) will be played and televised on the two TV arena tables.

This outstanding venue will be announced shortly.

It will not be compulsory to stay at a specific hotel.

The organisers are currently negotiating substantial discounts and benefits with Manchester City Centre hotels and will be able to offer players and their guests an excellent choice of suitable accommodation. We will be able to recommend a number of hotels to facilitate everyone's budget. A free regular shuttle service will operate between the recommended hotels and the venue.