Brittany Bryant wins Canadian 9-Ball Title

Brittany Bryant

The 2012 Canadian Championships is up and running at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto. The first event of the Championships was the Women's Open 9-ball.

In the A-Side bracket, reigning champion Brittany Bryant had no trouble earning her spot in the finals after getting past Naomi Williams (9-5), Joanne Ashton (9-4) and Denise Belanger (9-0). The B-Side finals was an entertaining match with Denise Belanger matching up against Naomi Williams. After being down 7-2 Naomi pulled out a hill-hill victory 9-8.

For the 5th consecutive year, it was Naomi Williams vs Brittany Bryant in the finals. Naomi started out strong pulling ahead in the match 4-2. With some strong defensive play, Brittany fought back to tie the match 5-5. With Naomi up 7-5 she rattled the 8-ball, only to witness Brittany also rattle the 8 in the same pocket. Naomi makes an excellent draw shot on the 8 for perfect position on the 9 to put her up 8-5. Some good fortune in the next two racks put Naomi on the hill. With the score now 10-5, Naomi managed to get ball-in-hand on the 3-ball. After a great run out, Naomi missed the 9-ball in the side pocket to keep Brittany's hopes alive trailing 10-6. Some great shot making from Brittany tied the score at 10-10.

It the final rack, Brittany Bryant made the 9-ball off the break along with the cue ball. Naomi approached the table one last time with ball in hand and a wide open table. After falling out of line on the 5-ball, she handed the table back to Brittany. Brittany cleaned up the last few balls making a great cut shot on the 8-ball to defend her title. What a match!

This is how they finished:
1st – Brittany Bryant
2nd – Naomi Williams
3rd – Denise Belanger
4th – Joanne Ashton
5-6th – Angela Belding
5-6th – Krista Walsh

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