Brothers and Abraham split Mezz Pro-Am stop in PA

Josh Brothers and Eddie Abraham split the two matches that they did play, and opted not to play a ‘rubber'  match that would have determined a winner in the Mezz Pro-Am tour stop on Sunday, June 27. The two ended up as co-champions of the $600-added pro-am event, which was hosted by Main Line Billiards in Frazer, PA and had drawn 30 entrants. 

Abraham survived a double hill match against Bruce Nagle to get into the hot seat match against Brothers, who'd just sent Shaun Dobson west in a shutout. Abraham dominated in his first match against Brothers, gaining the hot seat 7-1. 

Ed Matushonek, in the meantime, was embarked on a one-loss side campaign that would advance him all the way to the semifinals. He got by Lou Patriaios 7-4 and Derek Schwagger 7-1. This set him up to face Dobson, coming over from the winners' side final four. Nagle faced Shaun Wilkie, who'd worked the scoring extremes by defeating  Chip Klein, double hill, and then shutting out Carl Khan.

Matushonek and Wilkie advanced to the quarterfinals with 7-5 and 7-4 wins over Dobson and Nagle, respectively. Matushonek won his last match of the day with a 7-4 win over Wilkie.  

Brothers, though, was determined to get a second shot at Abraham and stopped Matushonek's run in the semifinals with a 7-4 win. Needing to win two, Brothers took the first set 7-5. At that point, the two opted not to play a deciding match and chose to share the event title.