Brucato double dips Mosci to win Western New York Tour stop

Nick Brucato won five straight matches on the loss-side to meet and then defeat Dan Mosci twice in the finals of the Western New York Tour stop on Saturday, January 14. The event drew 10 entrants to Six Pockets, in Rochester, NY.

Brucato was one of six players to receive an opening round bye. The remaining four squared off against each other, with Jose Mirabelle defeating Roger Jackson 5-1, as Jake Mosci (son to Dan) was busy sending Mike Ames west 4-2. Brucato moved to the loss-side in the subsequent round, sent there by Sonny Kemp, who advanced to the winners' side final four for a match versus Dan Mosci. Also advancing were Terry Bulman and Jerry Sullivan.

Dan Mosci defeated Kemp 5-1, while Bulman joined him in the hot seat, following a 5-2 victory over Sullivan. Mosci gained the hot seat with a 5-1 victory over Bulman, and awaited Brucato's fateful return.

Brucato opened his loss-side campaign with a 6-1 victory over Mike Ames, and followed it with a double hill win over Jose Mirabelle, which set him up to face Sullivan. Kemp drew Creamer, who'd defeated Jackson and Mosci (Jake), both 5-1. It was Brucato and Creamer advancing to the quarterfinals; Brucato with a 6-2 defeat of Sullivan, and Creamer 5-2 over Kemp. Brucato then ended Creamer's day with a 6-4 victory that sent him (Brucato) to the semifinals versus Bulman.

Brucato downed Bulman 6-2 in those semifinals, and turned to face the elder Mosci in the hot seat. Brucato took the opening set 6-3 and completed his successful tournament bid with a 6-4 victory in the second set.