Brumback double dips Luat for Banks win

John Brumback

With the unique format of the Derby City Classic, players sometimes catch byes very late in the tournament. Some of those byes may not be as positive as players think.

Case in point: with three players remaining in the Banks division on Tuesday, it was the only player with a buy-back, Rodolfo Luat, who caught the bye and was able to sit while the other two players, John Brumback and Jonathan Hennessee, had to fight it out to determine Luat's eventual opponent.

After Brumback ended Hennessee's tournament with a 3-2 victory, Luat discovered that a John Brumback in stroke can be a hard thing to deal with.

Luat displayed his smooth and fluent Filipino banking game, but experience was what mattered as Brumback won the first set 3-2 and the second set 3-1.

After two second place finishes in the Banks division, the win was Brumback's first top finish. It also leaves Brumback as the front runner for the all around title. Brumback has already won his first two one pocket matches.

Brumback attributed his win to his early years growing up and learning from players like Gary Spaeth, Donnie Anderson and Truman Hogue.

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