Bugsy Boss Breaks His Silence In RP Billiards Issue

Efren Reyes was credited for competing in local events with no compensation.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES---Bugsy Promotions billiards boss Perry Mariano broke his silence regarding the situation of Philippine billiards today referring to 2004 Taiwan World 9-ball champion Alex Pagulayan and the officials of Billiards and Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP).

"It is the prerogative of BSCP to choose or remove players in the Asian Tour of Guinness. This was the practice now and even during the SMC tours. Alex Pagulayan also has the prerogative to ask for money as a professional player." said Mariano yesterday in an interview at the Sulu Hotel along with sportsman and supporter of the youth Boy Umali, congressman of 2nd district in Mindoro.

"But I will give you a general outlook on the Billiard's scene here in the country. Billiard here is not as lucrative as it looks. You can see there are few and some times no tournaments in a year. At this time if we want to serve the sport, and create new champions, guaranteed payments on appearance fees is not practical. If our known players insist on this we will remain low in tournaments and maybe someday be over taken by other countries." Mariano added.

Mariano also commented, "We have already placed billiards in the educational curriculum. I met with players and have asked them what they want and it is unanimous-tournaments. The majority of our players cannot compete abroad and these players are the future of billiard in the country."

Mariano believes that joining of RP top player in local events gives a chance for upcoming players to hone their skills. "They need big known players to play with new players in tournaments to prepare them for international events and with demands like this and giving the perception of exploitation by organizers will drive away sponsors and decent promoters from doing tournaments."

He cited 1999 Cardiff World 9-ball champion Efren "Bata" Reyes, the Philippine pool idol. "Young and upcoming pool players can only play internationally experienced players thru local tournaments. In fairness to Efren Bata., he will play for free in his own capacity."

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe