Bustamante bests Santos in Rochester Challenge Match

Francisco Bustamante

Francisco Bustamante and Santos Sambajon Jr. dazzled the crowd at Classic Billiards in Rochester NY on Wednesday as they competed in a one-pocket and 9-ball challenge match.

Bustamante won the one-pocket challenge by the score of 3-1, but the two players were just getting started. The 9-ball challenge went to hill-hill before Bustamante won the last game to win the set 13-12.

Classic Billiards owner Rich Warren commented, "These two gentleman were the most polite and gracious people we ever met. They stayed for an hour after the match to sign autographs and show people shots that they asked about. Francisco and Santos are two of the most classiest people I have ever met and it was an honor to have them here."

Both players are in New Bedford, MA this weekend for the Joss Tour finale at Accu-Billiards.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe