Bustamante Leads Bonus Ball Superstar Tournament

 A dominant performance by Francisco “Django” Bustamante was turned in today at the Bonus Ball tournament in Canada. The Filippino super star, very likely sealed a play-off berth for Sunday, with still a full day to go in the regular portion of the tournament. Nick Varner, who has 8 various world championships under his belt, was the only one to win a game against Django! Bustamante finished his day's work with 11 victories out of 12 games! Francisco's banking ability was responsible for many of his wins on this day. An awesome display of bonus ball!
Shane Van Boening won ¾ of his games (9/12) on day two and is sitting in second place only 5 points back of Bustamante. Great white ball control has enabled Shane to put on a clinic and finish games that most wouldn't!
Lady luck wasn't with the player wearing #13 on his back! Corey “The Prince of Pool” Deuel couldn't buy a break and time after time either scratched or left a ball hanging or just rolled an inch too far or not far enough for his next shot. Corey, uncharacteristically, never won a game during friday's matches.
Hometown favorite, Erik “Big Red” Hjorleifson, gave a good account of himself and rebounded nicely after being one of Bustamante's victims. Erik had a solid day finishing in 3rd spot just 7 points back of Shane and tied with Nick Varner.
Everyone will be gunning for the 6 available play-off spots tomorrow (Saturday)
and mathematically, everyone still has a chance. Since bonus ball is very much a “thinker's game”, the players will be focused and concentration will be a key factor to determine who will advance to Sunday's play-offs.
It's a horse race between Archer, Schmidt and Deuel to see which one will prevail and make the play-offs. Every point is paramount at this stage.