Bustamante Wins Derby Banks Title; One Pocket and 10 Ball Challenge Continue

Francisco Bustamante (Photo courtesy of ©David Thomson mediumpool.com)


The round 12 Semi-Finals had Justin Hall with a bye and Francisco Bustamante versus Shannon Murphy.  The match looked like a run away with Shannon taking the first two games to get on the hill in the race to three.  But Bustamante showed his Hall of Fame heart and talent winning the next three games to put Shannon on his first loss.  After Shannon exercised his re-buy, the draw was made for round 13.  Round 13 had Bustamante getting the bye and the first spot in the finals.  Shannon Murphy would have to play Justin Hall for the other spot in the finals.  

Shannon won the lag but broke dry, Justin came to the table and ran five and out for the first game. The second game Justin broke dry and Shannon came to the table and took down three balls and after two more times to the table took the second game 5 to 0 to tie the match at 1 apiece. Game 3 was a close battle but Justin took it 5 to 4 putting him on the hill. Round 13 was not a lucky number for Shannon as Justin eliminated him in the fourth game and to move on to the finals against Bustamante. Shannon had a great run and finished 3rd. 

Bustamante won the lag but broke dry and after some back and forth play he took the first game 5 to 2.  The second game was no better for Justin losing 5 to 1 and Bustamante was on the hill. But in the third game Justin took a lead and won 5 to 3. In game four Justin scratched to start out down one ball. Bustamante went up by two balls and Justin made three balls to tie the game, with the one ball he owed. Justin then took a lead at 3 balls to two. But Bustamante found an opening to with the game 5 to 3 and the match to claim the championship.

After one and half days of play there have been two full rounds completed in the One Pocket. The field is almost in half down to 147 players from the original 280.  Round three starts at 10 AM on Tuesday.

The players meeting for the 32 players in the “Big Foot” 10 Ball challenge on the 10 foot tables is at 9:30 Tuesday. Play in the single elimination event will start around 10 AM.  The event has a $1000 entry fee and with added money a total payout of $50,000 with $20,000 going to the winner.