Bustamante Wins US Pro Tour Championship at Normandie Casino

Francisco Bustamante

Francisco Bustamante has won the UPA's US Pro Tour Championship at The Normandie Casino in Los Angeles, CA.

Bustamante was undefeated and untested for most of the event. Leading up to the hot-seat match, Bustamante had wins over James Burt, Mike Davis, Tony Crosby, Fabio Petroni and Johnny Archer without allowing an opponent more than five games in the race to 11 format.

With the last four matches being taped for ESPN, the matches dropped to 'race to seven' format and Bustamante won the hot-seat match over Mika Immonen 7-4.

Immonen then lost to Johnny Archer by the same 7-4 score on the one loss side. Archer had wins over Raj Hundal, Robb Saez and Immonen to get to the finals.

Archer took early control of the final match and led 6-3 in the alternating break format match. But the seventh rack would prove to be out of Archer's reach as Bustamante won the last four games for the 7-6 win.

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