Campos wins Fast Eddie’s ladies division

Lewis Jones, Belinda Campos, Leslie Anne Rogers & Tommy Wells

At the Legend's Houston Classic 9 Ball Tournament earlier this month, Lewis Jones of PKL Promotions was shanghaied by a number of serious lady billiard enthusiasts about sponsoring a separate ladies division in the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour. Lewis told the ladies if they got the word out and provided a good turnout of players, PKL Promotions and June and Gerald Walter of Creative Vinyl Signs would provide a three hundred add-on with a thirty dollar entry fee for the ladies division. Woody, of Woodworth Custom Cues, donated a custom cue to be raffled with all proceeds going to increase the add-on money. Five hundred sixty dollars was raised for the event.

Well, the ladies took them seriously. With help from Mindy Williams and Melinda Bailey, the word spread with only two weeks left before the tournament. Twenty ladies arrived in Austin to showcase their skills on the green cloth.

The top picks were Vivian Villarreal, Belinda Campos and Leslie Anne Rogers.

Heather Shaddock and Kim Sanders both played well to finish in 5-6th for the first money round.

Deanna Henson, with a tough draw, showed her skill by first dismissing the number one pick, Vivian Villareal, 7-5. Deanna was then defeated by the tournament winner, Belinda Campos. Once on the one loss side, Deanna won over Alonna Beatty, Kim Pierce and Kim Sanders, only to lose the next round to Leslie Anne Rogers for a nice fourth place finish.

Michelle Cortez started her march on the winner's side with victories over J. J. Lewis 7-2, Nancy French 7-5, Kim Sanders 7-3, with her first loss coming from Belinda Campos in the finals of the winner's bracket, 7-1. She was defeated by Leslie Anne Rogers, 5-1, in the finals of the one loss side for a third place finish.

Leslie Anne Rogers took the long road to the finals with her first round loss to Belinda Campos, 7-5. Leslie Anne went to work with victories over Vivian Villareal 5-2, Nancy French 5-2, Shayla Neris 5-0, Heather Shaddock 5-0, Deanna Henson and Michelle Cortez 5-1, before meeting Belinda Campos in the finals.

Belinda Campos took the high road in her quest for the finals with wins over Leslie Anne Rogers, Deanna Henson, Heather Shaddock and Michelle Cortez.

The finals between Belinda and Leslie Anne was all Belinda with a score of 7-1. A great second place finish for Leslie Anne and congratulations to Belinda for another solid victory.

Congratulations to all the lady players and we hope to see you at the next event on May 2-4 in San Antonio.

Complete Payouts:
1st - Belinda Campos $770.00
2nd - Leslie Ann Rogers $575.00
3rd - Michelle Cortez $380.00
4th - Deanna Henson $195.00
5th & 6th - Heather Shaddock & Kim Sanders $30.00