Canadian Cue Sports Championships Underway

The Canadian Cue Sports Championships are now being played at Shooters Snooker & Sports Club in Toronto, ON. The championships consist of divisions in snooker, 8-ball, & 9-ball. In total 9 Canadian champions will be crowned during the 11 day event.

The 40 man Open Snooker field consists of 5 former Canadian champions, Alain Robidoux, Kirk Stevens, Tom Finstad, John White & Ed Galati. Floyd Ziegler is the defending champion. The first four days will consist of 8 groups of round robin play, resulting to the final 16 single elimination stages.

Pool events in amateur 9-Ball & 8-Ball will commence while the Open Snooker is being played. The Championships will then wrap up with the Open, Women & Junior 9-Ball Championships.