Canadian play highlights day four at US Open 10-Ball Championship

Stan Tourangeau

Day four at the US Open 10-Ball Championship featured more surprising play from the Canadian contingent of players. 

Vancouver's Stan Tourangeau had the crowd's attention with his 9-7 win over World Pool Master Dennis Orcullo on one table, while Edwin Montal from Calgary was sending Francisco Bustamante to the one loss side with a dominating 9-1 scoreline.

Other highlight matches on day four saw "The Viper" Melissa Little send World 8-Ball Champion Karl Boyes to the rail with a 9-8 loss. 

Dan Heidrich looked strong early in his match against Mika Immonen. Heidrich came out of the game with an early 2-0 lead, but Immonen took complete control after that and won nine straight games for the 9-2 win.

Players are playing under some new rules at this event. Any player who is not at their table by the opening lag is penalized one game, with an additional game penalty being assessed every 5 minutes. The players have been struggling to deal with these penalties when assessed.

Chris Bartram arrived 11 minutes late to his match with Mike Davis and found the 0-3 hole too much to climb out of as Davis won 9-4. Efren Reyes started his match with Johnny Archer 0-2 after arriving late and went on to lose 9-5, although that could have been more due to Archer's play than Reyes' late arrival. Filipino hotshot Lee Van Corteza's late arrival to a match with Francis Crevier found Corteza in a 3-0 hole before a ball was struck, but Corteza was able to come back for the 9-8 win.

The winners side at this event is down to just sixteen players with marquee matches scheduled for Friday including Corteza vs Po Cheng Kuo, Roberto Gomez vs Thomas Engert, Mika Immonen vs Warren Kiamco and Darren Appleton vs Charlie Williams.

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