Canadian Snooker Championships Down To Final Sixteen

After four days of round robin play, the Canadian Snooker Championships are down to the final 16 elimination stage. In the final day of group play Claude Bernatchez defeated the defending champion, Floyd Ziegler 4-1 to clinch the top spot in their group. Bernatchez also had a break of 139 in this match, the highest in the event to date. Alain Robidoux had the high break at 123.

Other highlites from the final day of play, had former champion topping Peter Terpstra 4-3 to claim first in his group. Veterans Fern Loyer and Ken Shea squared off for a spot in the final 16, with Loyer cruising to a 4-0 win. Lester Mianskum beat young Jonathan Sun 4-1 for first in his group.

Following are the results for all the daily matches:

Group A

John White 4 Bob Massia 1
Claude Bernatchez 4  Floyd Zeigler 1

Group B

Jean Michel Anctil 4 John Axe 3
Jason Lee 4 Jack MacKinnon 0
Tom Finstad 4 John Axe 1

Group C

Brad Grierson 4 Ian Ngan 2
Ed Heckbert 4 Demos Zachariou 3
Alain Robidoux 4 Ian Ngan 3

Group D

Adrian Barrett 4 Bill Cormylo 3
Lester Mianskum 4 Jonathan Sun 1

Group E

Jason Heckbert  4 Dave Strachan 3
Ed Galati 4 Peter Terpstra 3
Eriks Malderis 4 Jason Heckbert 0

Group F

Ken Shea 4 Stan Chartrand 1
Kirk Stevens 4 Rob Waddell 2
Fern Loyer 4 Stan Chartrand 0

Group G

Terry Davidson 4 Dan Kelly 2
Don Chomiski 4 Stephane Martineau 1

Group H

Rex Hui 4 Tom Williams 0
Phil Snache 4 Pat McCarthy 2

The match ups for the final 16:

Claude Bernatchez vs Ed Heckbert
Jeff Kennedy vs Ray Saunders
Ed Galati vs Kirk Stevens
Lester Mianskum vs Jason Lee
Alain Robidoux vs Peter Terpstra
Fern Loyer vs Pat McCarthy
Stephane Martineau vs Jonathan Sun
Tom Finstad vs Floyd Ziegler