Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Merges with Ontario Skills Games

Urgent message to all members and non-members! Starting in November, we are starting up 8 Ball events, which will consist of three-women teams and singles boards as well.

As you know the Nationals, Ontario and Vegas teams will be starting up, or have already started teams for these events. This is Great news. Recently I had a meeting with Larry and Angela Zegras from Ontario Skill Games to see if we could merge with them to form ladies teams for all events listed. That means, with a recognized ranking system the three ladies that form a team must stay as a team (three originals). Teams will compete against other teams to win a trip to beautiful Las Vegas. Now here's the best part. At the end of the 8 Ball season, whoever wins the grand championship has won the trip and can pick up any other women who has competed in the 8 ball events. On the second day of these events, we will hold singles board events, with the winner receiving a paid entry spot to Vegas.

There is a membership fee of $25.00, which will be dual sanction with the VNEA and former league BCA.