Capelle on 9-Ball: Archer vs. Reyes Review

A review of Capelle on 9-Ball: Archer vs. Reyes, The Book and Video/DVD

First and foremost, you get an awesome Accu-Stat video (or DVD) watching two of the greatest players of our time, Efren Reyes and Johnny Archer, playing an excellent match of 9-ball. To get the opportunity to watch these two player's compete is such an amazing experience, but on top of that, you also get to continue to improve your pool game even more through the accompanying book. The book, by well-known billiards author/instructor Phil Capelle, is an amazing compliment to the match.

My favorite part of the book/video combination is Phil's analysis of 25 hand-picked shots at the end of the tape. After the match is over, stick around for Phil Capelle's analyses of 25 shots that occurred during the match which will surely improve your game. The 25 shots are replayed on the video (or DVD) while Phil discusses how they were executed and what makes them exceptional. For certain tough shots even for pros, Phil uses the telestrator to show us alternate routes of the cue ball or object ball that could have been options for the players; these different paths keep our minds thinking of possible alternatives that may come up for us in our own pool games. Phil not only analyzes some of the best shots throughout the match, he also includes great mental reminders in his talking points that are sure to raise your eyebrows and/or make you shake your head either in agreement of 'Thanks for the Reminder,' or “Good point, Phil.' Although the match itself is exceptional, the detailed overview of these shots from Phil makes this the best pool video I have ever watched.

The taped match shows Efren and Johnny playing a race to 11 in June of 1996 at the Sands Tournament in Reno, Nevada on an AMF 9-foot table. The mention of Tony Ellin (who was Johnny's roommate at this tournament) by the announcers and Johnny Archer are sure to make you smile remembering him.

Efren shows us why he is called "The Magician" and of course Johnny shows us why he is called "The Scorpion." Johnny strikes back and never gives up while Efren executes magical shots we wish we could shoot on a daily basis. I'm not going to give away who eventually wins this history-making match, but the last game (hill-hill) is truly a one-of-a-kind - there are so many kick safeties in this one inning it makes you want to go play pool as soon as the match is over (but don't forget the shot analysis from Phil before you grab your cue and run out the door). So many different shots are executed during the entire match that it is understandable why Phil picked this match to review and write a book along with it: safeties, run-outs, break strategies, draw shots, follow shots, out-of-line shots, scratches, pressure shots, kick safeties, bank shots, back-cut bank shots, combos, and caroms. It is chalk-full of every shot imaginable and to watch Efren and Johnny execute them is priceless.

The book Phil Capelle wrote that compliments this Accu-Stats video is a work of art itself. A big plus to this book is EVERY shot in the match is analyzed. For each shot we are given the speed stroke, difficulty of the shot, and the primary key emphasis. Was it the speed that was important to that shot Johnny just made? Or was it the position? Phil let's us know, along with the difficulty of the layout. Lessons in grayed boxes are clearly visible throughout the book and quotes from the commentaries are also picked out and stated to help make important points (as the commentators give a lot of advice as well). Full-page pool table diagrams of each inning are clearly drawn and labeled which help you remember each inning (if you aren't watching the tape at the same time you are reading the book). Pattern discussions, important learning lessons, and frequent tips occur throughout the entire book for each inning. Phil also takes count and lets us know if Efren or Johnny took more strokes for a certain shot and even how many seconds it took to decide certain shots. And all of that is just Part One of his book. Part Two of Phils' accompanying book gives charts, statistics, and tables of Johnny and Efren's performance skills. The fundamentals, timing of stroke, position play, breaking, and shotmaking sections in Part Two will also improve your game. highly recommends this package deal - the Accu-Stats video (or DVD) along with the accompanying book. You can buy them on the Internet and receive FREE Shipping at Phil's website, You can also submit your comments to Phil online about what you think of the book/video combination. We know these two learning materials will improve your game and make you enjoy pool even more.