Captain Hook Returns

Mike Sigel

On November 4th, Steve Mizerak will hold the Senior Masters IV at Steve Mizerak's Billiards in Lake Park, FL.

With $50,000 in guaranteed added money, the field is certain to be full of top talent from the senior pool world. One player of particular interest to the fans will be 'Captain Hook' Mike Sigel who has confirmed his entry in the tournament.

Sigel, who recently turned 50, has not competed in a professional 9-ball event since 1994. He briefly came out of retirement in 2000 for the US Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championship held in New York, but has not played in any professional event since then.

Sigel is the holder of 102 professional titles and is thought by many to be the greatest living 9-ball player in the world.

Sigel commented that he has been practicing off and on for about a month to get ready for the event. "My game hasn't changed in 20 years, and I still think I can beat anybody. If I can get a decent draw and get a couple matches under my belt, I could be hard to beat. I wouldn't play in the event if I didn't think I could do well. Irving Crane won major titles when he was in his 60s, so there is no reason that I can't win this thing."

Will this be a one time thing for Sigel? He says 'no'. He wanted to play in the Florida Men's Pro Tour season finale this weekend but was not eligible. Sigel says he is looking at playing in other events in his area after the Senior Tour event.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe