Carmona Grabs Brass RIng at Mickey’s

On March 28th and 29th Mickey's Cues & Brews in Las Vegas held its first B-Player Tournament.  The tournament drew 28 players. The tournament started with some great match-ups.  One was Mark Gfeller vs. Austin Gilbert.  Both players played great with Austin taking a lead and Mark fighting back.  They fought like two lions claiming their territory.  One lion would fall and that was Austin.  Watch out for Austin though, with his young eyes and smooth stroke.  This young one will be back to play again.

Another good player to watch was Ashea Erdahl.  As she defeated good players, her game was like watching a butterfly sailing through the air and landing softly on everything it touched.  But don't let that fool you; she had a smooth and steady stroke that was going to be hard to beat.  Debbie Carmona and Tilly Pennachio were another first round match up.  This could have gone either way, putting one player on the one loss side.  Debbie out played Tilly and found herself moving on.

Debbie's next match was Holly Ryan.  Holly had a lead in the match and was playing with confidence.  Carmona had confidence to match putting Holly on the one loss side early. With the second day of play ready to start we had twelve players left in the tournament.  On the winner's side was Lee Harvey vs. Ashea Erdahl and Ernie Jacinto vs. Debbie Carmona. On the one loss side was Tilly Pennachio, Wes Martin, Bob Carey, Mike Carey, Holly Ryan, Joe Massari, Mark Gfeller and Eric Nguyen.

On the second day Debbie and Ashea stole the show on the winner's side with Ashea's win over Lee and Debbie's win over Ernie.  Debbie and Ashea would find themselves playing for the hot seat.  With two females playing for the king of the hill, this B-Player tournament was every bit as exciting as some open tournaments or pro events.

On the one loss side with the race to seven it could be any player's day.  Mark Gfeller had a big and early lead on Eric Nguyen.  Eric was down on the score but played as if he was winning the match.  Eric came back in this set defeating Mark. Eric moved on to his next opponent, Joe Massari.  Eric was still playing steady but the fatigue was setting in.  Eric dug deep to try to win this match, but he fell short. Joe Massari moved on to play a good player, Ernie Jacinto.  Ernie was put on the one loss side by Debbie.  Ernie was on his game for this match and defeated Joe and was moving on.

Another good match on the one loss side was Tilly Pennachio vs. Bob Cavley.  In this match Bob played smooth and steady.  Tilly was in trouble, but like Superman he managed to dodge a few bullets and move on.  Tilly met up with Ernie down the road.  Tilly had his chances in this match but Ernie was like kryptonite.  Everyone knows the two things that hurt Superman are kryptonite and girls.

Ernie moved on to meet up with the little butterfly, Ashea.  To get a chance back on the winner's side and a shot at Debbie who was waiting in the hot seat. Ashea was like a rock and rolled right over Ernie claiming the win.  She looked like she could win the whole thing.  For Ashea to claim the victory she would have to beat Debbie twice in a double elimination tournament.

Wow!  Two girls in the finals with the first race to eight.  They were ready to go without a minute's rest.  Debbie, who put Ashea on the one loss side, was ready for action.  Both girls played good matches with fatigue and nerves setting in on both of them. Debbie took a three – nothing lead.  Then like a flash bulb from the paparazzi, Ashea came back and won five in a row, missing a nine in the side to make it six.  Debbie then slowly moved her coin up the ladder. Debbie was a little too strong as she pulled away from Ashea claiming first place.  Congratulations Debbie Carmona!

Mickey's Cues & Brews had a good turn out.  We will have other B-Player Tournaments on the nine foot tables so look for them in the future.  Mickey's Cues & Brews would like to thank all the players that played.  Some of those players were Marv Rethman, Will Deethardt, Butch Peacock, Sam Salman, Jeff Hill, Nate Gabaldon and John Spartichino.  Without the players there wouldn't be a tournament.  We would also like to thank Nevada Beverage, Southern Wine & Spirits, Coors of Las Vegas and Bonanza Beverage for helping out with T-shirts, key chains, and other great gifts for our raffle prizes.  Mickey's would also like to thank the staff and friends who help put on these events.