Carolina Open In Progress at Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar and Grill – Goldsboro, NC

Robb Saez

The first day of the Carolina Open at Fast Eddie's Sports Bar and Grill in Goldsboro, North Carolina, is now underway. Although brackets will not be available online via our site, we plan to provide daily updates for those of you that could not make the trip.

The week's festivities are starting out with a $3,300 added one-pocket event that will run from October 2nd through October 4th. Then, on Thursday, October 4th through Sunday, October 7th, the game will change to nine-ball, $10,000 added with a field of 128 players. With all of the talent in the one-pocket field, you can expect to have quite a competitive bunch when Thursday rolls around.

For today, the one-pocket event took center stage with a total of thirty-five players emerging to compete. Some of the top names that made it out to Fast Eddie's include Earl Strickland, Shannon Daulton, Scott Rabon, Rafael Martinez, Gabe Owen, Robb Saez, Larry Nevel, Louis Ulrich, Mike Davis, Wade Crane and Chuck Altomare. At this stage in the game, the only professional player that has made their way to the one-loss side is Mike Davis along with another well known up-and-comer Shaun Wilkie, but this evening there are still many great match-ups left to be played.

The 9:00 pm rounds should display a wonderful amount of talent – some of the matches scheduled include Rafael Martinez v. Shannon Daulton; Gabe Owen v. Louis Ulrich; and Larry Nevel v. Wade Crane.

The play will continue on Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. If you are in the area, you would be doing yourself an injustice to not stop in to see such a great field. Say hello to Dave, Gene, and Buxton while you are there (hope I spelled your names correctly) – they are keeping you updated through me and boy do they sound like great guys to hang out in the pool room with!

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe