Casey Ward earns first Midwest Tour Win

Casey Ward

The Fury Midwest Amateur 9-Ball Tour's third stop of the season was held at Guppies in Holland Michigan on March 12th. With a bad snowstorm the night before it limited the field to just 29 players, but what the tournament lacked in numbers it made up for in skill and fun - turning out to be one of the best events so far this year. Players were matching up in droves once they got knocked out, and Guppies regular weekly 8-Ball event was much more spirited than the regulars expected it to be.

Casey Ward won the tournament, defeating room-owner Jerry Thomas, Ned Noon, Matt McComb and Lee Lambaria before his first loss in the chair match to Josh Ulrich 7-2. He came back as a man on a mission to defeat Lambaria for the second time before facing Ulrich again in the finals. Ulrich had defeated Juan Garcia, Thoo, Kurtis Hoskins, Joe Henry and Casey Ward in order to guarantee himself at least second place by winning the chair match. Ward, dominating the final match from the very beginning, completed his revenge on Ulrich by a score of 9-5. His parents, who happen to live closer to the tournament site than their son does, were on hand to witness the finale.