Caso comes back to take BAAT Tour stop

Kim Caso came back from a defeat in the hot seat match to take both sets of a true double elimination final from Deanna Foster and win the Bay Area Amateur Tour stop on Saturday, May 23. The $500-added event drew 30 entrants to Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL. 

Caso got into the hot seat match, following a 4-2 win over Rachel Delaney. Deanna Foster sent Niki Rasmussen west 5-5 (Rasmussen had to reach 6) to meet up with Caso for the first time. Foster sent Caso to the semifinals with a commanding 5-1 win that left her in the hot seat.  

Delaney's first match on the one-loss side was against Jessica Barnes, who'd been sent west by Rasmussen 6-2 and then defeated Sabra MacArthur Beahn 5-1 and Viriginia Billie 5-2 to reach Delaney. Rasmussen squared off against Kelly Cavanaugh, who'd gotten by Margie Soash 4-3 and Sis Tarver 4-1. Delaney's trip to the one-loss side was brief, as she fell to Barnes in a match that went double hill. Rasmussen lived to fight another day, defeating Cavanaugh 6-3, and turning to meet Barnes in the quarterfinal. Barnes exacted her vengeance for Rasmussen's earlier victory, with a 5-5 win of her own that put her into the semifinals against Caso. 

Caso dropped Barnes into third place and turned to the task of winning two in a row versus hot seat occupant Foster in the true double elimination final. The two played 11 games over the two matches, and Caso won eight of them, allowing Foster two games in the opening set and only in the deciding second set.